The Milk

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We haven’t individually tested our cows to see if they only contain the A2 protein so we can’t guarantee or call it A2. Plus A2 is trademarked.

We do have customers that can only drink A2 milk and have no problems drinking our milk.

Jersey cows are naturally more likely to be A2 and for the last 7 years we have only used A2 bulls for our replacements so with doing the math it would appear there should be at least 96% of cows that carry only the A2 gene.

We do supply a limited amount of trim milk but mostly we sell full cream milk.

Full Cream milk comes with a black label and lid while the Trim comes with a green label and lid.

Our milk is farm fresh so the only processing it has had is pasteurisation to make it safe for you to drink.

Trim milk has been put through a separator to remove the cream only.

Our milk may vary in creaminess during the year based on feed, the lactation cycle and the environment.

Our Milk is not homogenised.

Homogenised milk has been mechanically treated by vigorously pounding the milk through tiny holes to break down the fat molecules, allowing them to stay suspended in the milk and resist separation, thus no cream on the top of your milk.

Permeate is a by-product, commonly added back into milk to dilute it which is part of the standardisation process. Permeate is mostly water, plus lactose, calcium and other minerals. As it is a milk by-product it can be added back without any requirement to disclose that it has been added.

The result is milk that is much lower in fat and protein than the cow produced, which allows the valuable parts to be sold for a high price.

Standardised milk is ultra-filtered. It has a certain amount of protein and fat as the extra over minimum requirements is sold for a higher price than milk can get. The minimum requirement is 3 per cent protein and 3.2 per cent fat. This way your milk is the same all year and much lower than the cow naturally produces.

As the only thing done to our milk is pasteurisation there is no added permeate.

No. We certainly try to farm sustainably with the intention of looking after the land and animals as best as we can.

If an animal is sick we want her to get well as quickly as she can, so we will use prescription medication for this, as it’s in the best interest of the cow. If a cow is treated her milk is discarded until there is no trace of medication in her milk.

Our cows are milked in the morning and the milk is piped straight to the pasteuriser. The milk is pasteurised and bottled by early afternoon.

Sometimes you may get your milk that same day but more often than not it will have been kept in our chiller for 1-2 days before you get it.

The milk has a best before date of 11 days from milking. It can last longer than this if kept in optimum conditions.

The more often you open your bottle the more chances for bacteria to get in and try to keep it at the back of the fridge where it is coldest.
The Nutritional Information is on all bottles.
Please be aware this is an average as our milk is not standardised so there can be variations due to stage of the cow's lactation, feed and the environment eg. weather.


The Cows

So that you can have milk all year round we calve 4 times a year.  We do all natural mating with beef bulls. All our calves are reared and sold either as 4 day old calves, weaners or yearlings.

Our calves are reared in warm, dry clean calf sheds as not all mothers like their calves. This way the calves are easier to spoil and give them little treats such as marshmallows and pats, as well as making sure they are healthy and feeding well.

We have predominantly jersey cows with those beautiful big eyes and long lashes. We do have a few jersey crosses. The smaller jersey cows are kinder to the land and produce more cream.

Our cows only get milked each morning. This lets them relax and eat for the rest of the day so they can make delicious milk for you.


Delivery & Orders

The following charges apply:

$3.00  Orders under $50
$2.00  Orders between $50 and $100
Free    Orders over $100

Deliveries are made in refrigerated truck / van. We require you to have a chilly bin or bag for us to place your delivery in.

Driver notes are needed so our drivers know where you have left your bin or bag.

No, you don’t but please make sure your goods that need refrigeration are not left out for any length of time.

When you place an order for milk, you will be charged a deposit of $4.50 per bottle.

When you leave out your clean empty bottles on the next delivery we will credit your account with $4.50 per bottle. These must be left where we are dropping off the next order.  We will then charge your credit card.

If you keep a bottle you will not get a deposit credit.

We do not come and collect empty bottles if you no longer need them, without an order to deliver.

Please use cold water. The bottles will just need a double rinse with cold water. We clean and sterilize the bottles before refilling them.

If your bottles are not clean they will not be picked up and you will charged for fresh bottles.

No, the lids do not need to be returned as we cannot reuse them. Any lids we get back do get recycled at the scrap metal place.

You can pop an order on hold when you are away by using the vacation section in your account. Just select the days you will be away and then your orders will start again when you return.

Once you have registered as a customer and save products these will now be on order. You have until the cut off time to change or delete this order.

You can create a recurring order or you can have a one off order.


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